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Group Introduction:

China Baowu Iron & Steel Group Co., LTD. (China Baowu) was jointly restructured from the former Baosteel Group Co., LTD and Wuhan Iron & Steel (Group) Co., LTD. It was inaugurated on December 1, 2016. In September 2019, China Baowu jointly restructured Masteel Group. In August 2020, China Baowu and TiSCO implemented joint restructuring; In October 2020, China Baowu took charge of Sinosteel Group; In December 2020, China Baowu became the actual controller of Chongqing Iron and Steel. China Baowu, with registered capital of 52.79 billion yuan and assets of 1,014.1 billion yuan, is a pilot enterprise of state-owned capital investment companies.

In 2020, China Baowu will continue to maintain its leading position in the industry, with its operation scale and profitability ranking first in the world.

China Baowu is committed to creating a pattern of coordinated development of new material industry, intelligent service industry, resources and environment industry, industrial park industry, industrial finance industry and other related industries based on green, high-quality and intelligent steel manufacturing industry by leading technology, efficiency and scale.

China Baowu takes green as the life background and strategic base color of the enterprise, vigorously promotes green and low-carbon development, vigorously promotes green steel high-quality manufacturing, and vigorously promotes intelligent manufacturing to support green development. In January 2021, China Baowu took the lead in the iron and steel industry in releasing the declaration of carbon emission reduction: strive to achieve carbon peak by 2023, strive to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Main Industries:

Steel Industry:

Improve industrial concentration and global market share through joint restructuring at home and abroad. Actively promote green high-quality intelligent manufacturing, to become the world's first-class carbon steel, special steel, stainless steel and other comprehensive material solutions supplier. Establish the "one headquarters, multiple bases" management and control mode combining specialization focus and regional coordination to achieve high-quality development of "over 100 million tons" scale (Baosteel, Zhongnan Iron and Steel, Masteel Group, Tisco Group, Bayi Iron and Steel).

New Material Industry:

Focus on advanced manufacturing industry development and power jack, focus on promoting new energy, transportation, Marine engineering, aerospace and other fields, the light metal material such as magnesium, aluminum, titanium, special metallurgy materials, metal packaging materials and carbon, silicon and other nonmetallic material industrialization, promote differentiation competitive advantage in the field of high performance metal materials, To become a new manufacturing industry growth pole (Baowu Carbon industry, Baosteel Metal, Baosteel packaging, Baowu Special Metallurgy, Wuhan Refractory materials) supporting and synergistic development with the iron and steel industry.

Smart Service Industry:

With big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence technology as the foundation, to build digital engineering design and consulting services, the development of industrial equipment manufacturing and equipment intelligence operations services, build based on steel and related commodities and industrial products of the third party platform, for steel in whole life cycle of ecosystem to provide wisdom and intelligence services of the overall solution, To become the most intelligent, efficient and value-added first-class professional service industry in the global iron and steel ecosystem (Baoxin Software, European Metallurgical Industry, Baosteel Engineering, Baowu Zhiwei, Baowu Heavy Industry, Ouye Industrial Products).

Resources and Environment Industry:

Focus on the development, transaction and logistics of mineral resources required by the main industry, innovate the business model, and build a world-class comprehensive service platform for mineral resources in the whole supply chain. Relying on the city's steel mill equipment, technology and resource advantages, to produce city fusion city, mining, water pollution control, clean energy development and comprehensive utilization of resources as the direction, to create professional resources and environmental protection industry (baosteel resources, treasure Wu Huan, bao wu raw materials, water, treasure treasure can qing, ouzhi chain gold, Tibet mining).

Industrial Park Industry:

To revitalize the group's stock real estate resources as a starting point, build a new space for industrial development, create a new industrial park, assist the transformation and upgrading of urban steel mills, and ensure the new career development of employees in the transformation of old steel bases. At the same time, as the spatial carrier of the iron and steel ecosystem, to build a comprehensive and service-oriented regional headquarters, to introduce the ecosystem industry and provide support and services (WisCO group, Baodi Assets).

Industry and Finance:

We will build a comprehensive financial service platform with capital operation and industrial investment as its main functions. We will use equity investment, industrial funds, and asset management as means to foster and distribute industries, and make state-owned capital stronger, better, and bigger. Relying on financial license resources, empowered by modern technology and driven by "industrial finance" + "fintech", it provides comprehensive financial services such as supply chain finance, wealth management, capital operation and investment banking consulting for the steel ecosystem (Warburg Investment, Warburg Trust, Warburg Fund, Warburg Securities, finance Company).

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