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Group Introduction:

Hebei Iron and Steel Group Co., LTD. (HBIS) is a super large iron and steel enterprise jointly established by former Tang Steel Group and Handan Steel Group on June 30, 2008. The group now has 16 subsidiaries directly under the group, with steel as the main business, across the four major sectors of steel, equipment manufacturing, financial services, modern logistics. By 2020, Hesteel had nearly 121,000 employees worldwide, including 13,000 overseas.

Since the establishment of the group, the annual steel output has increased from 31.08 million tons to 42.84 million tons; Its operating revenue increased from 124.8 billion yuan to 247.8 billion yuan, and its total assets doubled from 148 billion yuan to 316.8 billion yuan. China's comprehensive competitiveness and international influence have continued to increase. China's company ranked among the world's top 500 companies for five consecutive years, rising from 375th in 2009 to 269th in 2013. In 2013, it ranked 35th among China's Top 500 enterprises and 10th among China's Top 500 Manufacturers. It has been selected as one of the "Top 500 World Famous Brands" and "The World's Most respected Companies". The group won the "National May Day Labor Certificate" and the first prize of national Enterprise management innovation achievements.

Hebei Iron and Steel Group owns 1854 independent intellectual property rights, has formulated a number of national product standards, more than 200 steel varieties to replace imports, and a batch of "high, fine and top" products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions. Major projects include the "Bird's Nest" for the Beijing Olympic Games, the China Pavilion for the World Expo, the Three Gorges Project, the West-to-East power transmission project, the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, and the new site of China Central Television; more than 40 world-famous Bridges, including the Lupu Bridge in Shanghai and the New Bay Bridge in San Francisco; And "Shenzhou" V, "Chang 'e "1, special armored vehicles and other aerospace, national defense and military industry, the group's products have made outstanding contributions.

Development Status:

It has 8 2000m3 blast furnaces, 5 3200m3 blast furnaces, 13 sintering machines over 200m2 and 10 large coke ovens over 6m. It has 20 converters of over 120 tons, 4 ultra-high power electric furnaces of 100 tons, 26 LF furnaces, 8 dual-station RH furnaces, 2 VOD furnaces, 1 AOD furnaces and 4 VD furnaces. With bar, high wire, steel, narrow strip production line 30; 2250mm, 1900mm, 1810mm, 1780mm, 1700mm, 1580mm hot rolling line 6; The company has two "large" cold rolling production lines of 1.3 million tons and 1.4 million tons, and is equipped with acid pickling, galvanizing, electroplating tin, color coating and other strong coating plate deep processing capacity, but also has six plate production lines of 2800mm, 3500mm(three), 4100mm, 4200mm, with a total output of 8.6 million tons.

Group has two state-level technology center, has more than 80 independent intellectual property rights of core technology, to develop a high strength low welding crack sensitivity steel plate, steel plate, the oil and gas pipeline with generous plates, the building structure with steel plate, the plate thickness direction performance five national product standards, over 200 varieties of steel to replace imports.

At present, the group's products cover more than 20 important application fields, such as aerospace, military industry, automobile, petroleum, railway, bridge, construction, electric power, transportation, machinery, shipbuilding, light industry, household appliances and so on.

From the thinest 0.17mm ultra-thin precision cold rolled sheet to the thickest 700mm extra-wide extra-thick sheet, the group has become the largest, most varieties, complete brands of professional high-quality sheet production base in China. Wugang brand "wide and thick plate, built 12 series, more than 300 varieties, more than 400 thickness specifications of the famous brand system; The high-quality cold rolling series represented by household appliance panel and automobile panel has entered more than 20 well-known domestic and foreign household appliance and automobile manufacturing enterprises. Vanadium series products, such as vanadium pentoxide, vanadium trioxide, vanadium oxide, vanadium iron 80, vanadium iron 50, occupy 8% of the global market, 35% of the domestic market. In the field of building materials, with an annual output of 17 million tons of bars, wires, profiles and other capabilities, "Yanshan brand" rebar has high bearing capacity, strong seismic quality performance.

The group's products play a key role in the construction of a large number of world-famous engineering projects. Beijing Olympic "Bird's Nest", "Shenzhou v", "Chang 'e no. 1", the three gorges project, China sent, South-North water diversion project, the capital airport terminal 3, CCTV new site, Shanghai lupu bridge, such as the United States the new San Francisco bay bridge more than 40 world famous Bridges, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, Beijing subway, a batch of major rail road transportation engineering such as gs, China's main battle tank, special armored vehicles and other military manufacturing, the group's products have made outstanding contributions.

In the international market, vanadium series, wide and thick plate, ultra-thin precision cold rolled tin plate and other products exported to the United States, Britain, Germany and other more than 20 countries and regions.

Leading products:

Hebei Iron and Steel Group's leading products include: bar, wire, profile, hot rolled strip, hot rolled plate, cold rolled plate, galvanized plate, color coated plate, wide and thick plate, welded pipe, vanadium pentaoxide, vanadium nitrogen alloy, vanadium ferroalloy and other series, almost covering all the specifications required by the market.

The group adheres to the quality concept of leading quality, customer first and the professional ethics of honesty, and pursues high quality and high reputation of products and services. All steel products have passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, and the main products have won the national and provincial high quality title. Tangshan production level Ⅱ reinforced bar, mine support steel, quenched and tempered steel in the nation's high quality products, and was rated as China famous brand products with the line wire rod, u-shape series won the national "metallurgical product quality center", among them 25 U, 36 U filled the domestic blank, ultra-thin tropical product specifications and quality in the domestic leading level; Pig iron, hot rolled ribbed steel bar, hot rolled steel strip, hot rolled disk bar, welded pipe and other products produced by Xuangang have been rated as "Famous brand products of Hebei Province", hot rolled ribbed steel bar has won the national "Gold Cup Award for Physical Quality of Metallurgical Products" and "Product Quality Exemption certificate"; The threaded steel bar produced by Chenggang is the only one in the metallurgical industry that has been awarded the "Double Top ten product Quality and Service Quality" by China Quality Association and Metallurgical Quality Association for three consecutive years, and won the title of "National Quality Stable qualified Product" and the national "Metallurgical Product Physical Quality Golden Cup Award". Vanadium pentoxide products are exported to more than 10 countries and regions, and won the "International Quality Diamond Star Award". Over the years, the group's various products have been widely used in Beijing Oriental Plaza, China Grand Theater, Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Three Gorges Project, nuclear power plant, 2008 Beijing Olympic Stadium, the new site of CCTV and other national key projects, making outstanding contributions to the development and construction of the country.


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