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Congratulations to CUS-STEEL Central Asia for a complete success

Date:Sep 29,2017
All along, Central Asia has been the focus of CUS-STEEL sales market.
CUS-STEEL in cooperation and win-win situation, with domestic and foreign partners to create a new situation in the field of foreign trade of steel.
From 2006 onwards has been committed to China's surplus steel metal products exported to Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and other Central Asian countries and regions.
CUS-STEEL has been in the local high visibility, at the same time CUS-STEEL keep pace with the times, with high quality products and services to win a lot of customers praise.
The Central Asia exhibition site, CUS-STEEL booth successfully received hundreds of industry and customers, and with a number of customers signed an order on the spot.
During the exhibition, the local foreign trade leaders personally come to our booth, and with the CUS-STEEL leadership launched a cordial conversation. Central Asian leaders attach great importance to trade with China and Central Asia friendly exchanges. And affirmed the contribution of CUS-STEEL to local infrastructure construction. And sincerely wish CUS-STEEL this exhibition a complete success.

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